What is a Clone? Why should I sell them?

Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Plants - Clones


A clone is a cutting from a mature cannabis plant which can be replanted and raised to produce buds. It might seem simple to raise a plant from a clone that has already partially developed, but it can actually be much more difficult than growing a seed from scratch.  A clone is the exact genetic image of the mother plant it came from, so if the mother had any health issues, the cutting will also suffer.
A freshly cut clone needs a lot of tender loving care, and when it’s first replanted it will be extremely sensitive. An initial period of transplant shock is to be expected, and it will need very specific amounts of light and nutrients to nurse it through this phase. Transplant failure is all too common, and a new grower may struggle to keep young clones healthy.

Oklahoma Marijuana Patients &  12 Legal Plants

According to the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority, patients can legally Posses six (6) mature marijuana plants and posses six (6) seedling plants. According to the OMMA definitions, a mature plant means harvestable female marijuana plant that is flowering. 

Some patients will want to grow and harvest their own flower. If you aren't going to get their flower business, you should get their clone business. Many patients will not want to try and grow their own plants from seeds. Clones allow the patients to get a stable plant that they can love and grow into a mature plant. 

There are different sizes of clones available for patients to purchase. By offering clones,  you are building a customer base and providing flower when the patients plants are not yet flowering. 

Don't lose revenue! Have clones available for patients to purchase. Canna Science clones the best of our mature female plants ensuring that all clones are female and genetically superior.